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Harper John - INDIEKLINE

Harper's bizzare junkyard art and more


Harper John C.1959/60 ... member of the Blacksheep



Harper John new album "Fund a mental Christian" ...all kinds of manic repressive stuff! Check out "Soundclick" .."Harper John" for the new songs!

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Evil Deciever
Ever been decieved? 
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 album:Fund A Mental Christian   ŠJohn Michael Pocock  
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To war or not to war? That is our credo 
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 album:Fund A Mental Christian   ŠJohn Michael Pocock  
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Went To War On Sunday
War of the week, war of the weak 
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 album:Fund A Mental Christian   ŠJohn Michael Pocock  


The very unique "Worlds apart from that" Ed Teja/ Harper John album is now available on 



At - Ulilang Bundok , Sitio Dayap, Barangay Tanagan, Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines. 

A series of systematic archaeological excavation was conducted at the site during 1995 and 1996. Ulilang Bundok is approximately 32 meters above sea level and has a total land area of 1,136 square meters that are possible or available for systematic archaeological excavation.  Only 224 square meters (or 20%) has been excavated since the first phase of the project. 

This is a secondary earthenware vessel burial site.  A total of 66 secondary human burials were found, and relics included decorated earthenware sherds, plain earthenware sherds, obsidian flakes or chips, glass beads and the shells of edible  marine and brackish creatures.  Some of the pottery burial vessels were decorated with polished stone adzes (trapezoidal in cross-section.)

Ulilang Bundok is significant to Philippine archaeology and especially to Calatagan, Batangas, for it is much earlier than the other sites which have been reported. The site is dated to the Pre-porcelain period.

The locals had told us that a white lady haunts the site.


Wrote his first blues song "When I was a young man" (on the current "BEATING THE BLUES" offering as it happens) when he was - but didn't even know it was blues 'cos he was too young to know anything of value. Played London with the BLACKSHEEP in the glory, pre-STONES, three-chord/four-on-a-good-nite real indie era. Travelled the world for the next century searching (though he didn't know it) for a hero. Came upon the dead Filipino, Jose Rizal, in a spiritual encounter (check him out on the web) which changed his life and his. In the past nine years he has authored six published books including an Asian bestseller, and has played his "bitter-bitta" thinking blues/news here and there . . . mainly there. Armed with a beaten, but not down, vintage classical left-handed (of sorts) guitar and a clutch of oddball harps, Harper John can't help but letting the World know what it's all about.

Out of Southfields, London, UK, before doing Bermuda, the Americas and Asia. Somewhere along he lost his way but with the aid of Nostradamus has come back to music and poetic quatrains of sorts with his punchy Hammer-Smash "Bitter-Bitta" style. He is currently in Hong Kong, beating the dragon.



The reviewers say some of Harper John's songs remind them of Pink Floyd:


Went to war on Sunday:

It has a crazy off the wall sound which complements the lyrical matter - the guy in the song doesn't care and that's reflected in the slap-happy arrangement. This is like John Ottway at his best. It also has a lot of Julian Cope in it - his low budget stuff, which for me is as good a complement as you can get!


Picture of David:

As someone whose record collection includes Ivor Cutler, Ukelele Ike, Tiny Tim, Syd Barrett, George Formby, The Hoioser Hot Shots, Bonzo Dog Band, Robin Hitchcock, Tyranosuarus Rex etc.; I would like to salute your waltz into whimsy and weirdness.


Princess of the Western Plain:

Very Pink Floyd-esque. I'm sure you are a fan, I can tell by how much it sounds like Roger Waters. Its pretty good. Interesting, it reminds me of the album he did alone after they broke up.


Guitar sounds great. A little Pink Floyd spooky sound. The phrasing is cool. This guitar goes great with this vocal sound. I like the effect ... no hook which I like... it's just a good story told...


Terror has a human heart:

Melody, chords and song structure sound absolutely excellent, and remind me of early Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett.



I vary like the weather by degree

Lived here and there - mainly there...mainly free 


Taking a break from work

What a job! Music and writing.

tough on the fingers & eyes

insanely by the bye beside the See

Go Philippines please please me

And vary like the weather by decree