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Carlo - 4th from left - back row - Emanuel school cricket team

CARL FORGIONE ... the late actor

Currently developing this site in memory of the late Carlo Forgione  .... actor (died of cancer 9/10/1998.)

It's all  bits and pieces at the moment .... I can't find a solo picture or a full bio as yet, but am working on it. Any help you could give would be most welcome.
Carlo (his real name) was very shy as a kid ...would blush bright red at the sight of his favourite girl ... but always wanted to be an actor (we thought he was crazy.) Yep, he was a childhood fan of Peter Sellers.
He was also a good enough cricketer but a poor chess player ... "merciful upper-cheese" he would say as I was about to mate him in three. His parents moved to Southfields, London, SW 18 (from the East End) in about 1953/4 and set up a corner general store. Carlo had a bit more money than most of us could afford records ...Johnny Cash was his favorite then ... he also had Buddy Holly and Elvis 78s.
He was a childhood friend at Riversdale School , Southfields ... went on to Emanuel School... then  an acting career .... Dr. Who, Blake's 7 ...and much more.
His dad was a quiet Italian, mother a firm Scot. Carlo had a habit of taking books to the bathroom ...often when I'd pop round to the store his mum would have to shout for him to come out ... sometimes it would take 15 minutes before he appeared. They had a cat ... his mum would just call it "pooch". He had relatives at Port Talbot, Wales .... even got a postcard from there! All smokestacks as I recall.
In summer we spent many hours in Wimbledon Park ... Carlo loved his cricket ... but I was a soccer fanatic ... never saw him even try soccer ... but I did play cricket with him ... a powerful batsman and a strong seam bowler was he.
Our mutual friends were the Catholic Anglo - Indian immigrants ... including several good musicians. Often we would occupy the pavillion at the park ...that was our favorite gathering place.
Carlo had developed a wonderful skill ... he could "tap" out phone numbers on the bridge of public phones ... no money required. This was his brag ...and put to the test he did it before our eyes ... first time .... no fumbles ... straight through to Susan W, a girlfriend of his.
From: "Elaine and Laurie" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 15:41:02 -0000

Hello John, I'm Laurie Robinson, and Alec Parley has forwarded all your e mails on the subject of Carlo. Strange how subjects grow with the aid of the internet.  I just e mailed Alec the other day to ask if he had ever done a search on Carlo, since we have found many old long lost school friends through use of the internet, and lo and behold we have rediscovered Carlo, but sadly so on this occasion.
Carlo, myself and a chap called Roger Saunders were very good mates in the first three or four years at school. If you ever look at the Friends Reunited website, then Roger is on there, under his nickname of Dag Saunders.  He might be able to furnish you with other memories. Look under 1962 as the year of leaving.
I have a school photo of the Emanuel XI from 1961, with Carlo standing, and scowling somewhat, next to me.  He then went on to better things in school cricket.  Unfortunately my computer/scanner is getting rather old and I'm unable to send you this photo, but I will find someone with a more up to date one and will send to you.
I remember Carlo also as a witty and gentle friend, and am greatly saddened to here of his demise.  I last saw him in about 1964/5 in Oxford Street in London, and that was the last time I saw him. He was a great one for creating nicknames for school friends and masters alike.  Many of the names have come flooding back to me. He was also one of the few who brought their own lunch with them from home, and I remember him opening his plastic box of goodies before we all trooped in to have our school dinner.  How jealous we were!  I do remember him having sardine sandwiches on many occasions, but even these were preferable to our school fodder !
Will be in touch if any other memories come to mind, and hopefully with the photo.
All the best
From: Alec Parley
I knew Carl(o) at Emanuel School and played cricket with him in the 1st XI in 1962 or 1963. He was a bowler with the least athletic approach to the wicket that I have ever seen. He sauntered up to the wicket and delivered at slow medium pace but the ball moved in the air and he claimed lots of unsuspecting batsmen. Carl could play the clown, but a highly intelligent one, and he kept the whole team loose. He was greatly loved for his gentle, intelligent personality and I followed, haphazardly, his acting career from RSC spear carrier to better things. Moving to Canada in 1969 I only occasionally spotted him on TV but often wished I could meet up with him again. Sadly that is no longer an option. Thank you so much for the website and information.
Alec Parley
Toronto, Canada

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Monsignor Quixote (1985) 

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"Jesus of Nazareth" (1977)



Big Zapper (1973)               
aka The Sex Life of a Female Private Eye

Kono's Boy




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Carl appearing in "Henry V"

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