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Harper John - INDIEKLINE

Harper's bizzare junkyard art and more



Harper and friends music Sampler : 
2008 gigs:
Friday Nov 14 ...Human Bean , Cobourg ...7 til 9PM
Friday June, 13 ... Human Bean, King St. Cobourg @ 7pm
2007 gigs:
Friday Sept 28 ....@ the Human Bean
Friday Aug 24, Human Bean, Cobourg ... 8PM
Friday 13, July ...@ The Human Bean, Cobourg, Ontario....7.30 PM
Red Rock, Mountain View, California ...June 4,
Kings Head , Campbell, California, June 3,
Human Bean, Cobourg, Ontario ...Friday, May 11 @8pm
2006 GIGS:
New Year's Eve @ St. Peter's, Cobourg, 7PM
DECEMBER 22 @ The Human Bean, Cobourg, 8 PM
September 15, 2006...Live @ the Human Bean, Cobourg 8-10 pm
August 25,2006 ...Live @ the Human Bean, Cobourg 8-10 pm 
June 23 ....Live @ the Human Bean, Cobourg 8-10 pm
 LLLLive Indie-Blues and Jazz ..."Harper John & The "THEN JAZZ"...  afternoon, May 28, @ The Classic Car & Motorcycle Show to be held @ Meyersburg Antique and Flea Market, Hwy #30 Nth of Brighton.
Friday May 12 th. @ The Human Bean, Cobourg ...8 - 10PM
Sat April 29, Bub's Bar & Grill, King St., Cobourg ...8.30pm til 1 am
Friday March 31, Human Bean, 8PM.  
Friday 20, January 2006@ The Human Bean, Cobourg, ...8PM
"Back to relative reality"
Monday, January 9,2006
Red Rock Cafe, Mountain View, CA ... "Harper sings a new song"
Sunday, January 8, Kings Head, Campbell, CA 
Last 2005 gig:
Saturday, December 17 @ The Human Bean, Cobourg, ...8PM
"Rougher than Ruff" ...droll Saturday satire  

Friday, November 4, 2005

@ The Human Bean, King St., Cobourg ...  8PM .... Harper presents  "General Disillusionment & other war heroes" ...well why not?

 January 31, 7.30 PM a session @ The Red Rock, California - "Sending up himself"*
 *which actually turned out that way as he had to open the show at short notice.
February 27 9 PM @ The Red Rock, Mountain View, CA  . . . . 
"Carborundum punk blues"
...a double header.
Harper is joined by "Kenny the Sax" for some blowout Alcatraz blues.
Harper will then sit in with Raffie Espiritu for a rare Tagalog (Philippine) set.

Nil Carborundum Illegitimi


Ipse Dixit … the dogma man,

He’s gonna get you . . . any way he can.

Nil Desperandum . . . don’t despair,

If we stand we’ll still be there.

Nil Desperandum . . . don’t give in,

If we band then we shall win.


Prevail man, if not devour,

Not fail man, nor ever cower.


Ipse Dixit … I said to myself,

You ain’t gonna leave me . . . dying on the shelf.

Nil Carborundum Illegitimi,

Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

Nil Carborundum Illegitimi,

Don’t let the masters steal your ground.


’Cos they will do if we let ’em,

So we got to go and get ’em.

March 18 @ The Human Bean,

Cobourg, er, Canada 8 -10 PM

"Not the usual jazz"

APRIL 8 @ The Human Bean, King St W

Cobourg @ 8 PM ... "The hasBEAN renovation bash" (The Bean is renovating in April ... and so is HARPER JOHN)  - rockhard seats must go - you must come. Latest mystic song Candy Store  will be performed for the 1st time.

Saturday May 28 @ Cobourg's Coffee House on King W .... 8PM until .... heavy blues mix is on tap!

Saturday June 25, 2005 @ 8PM

Live @ The Human Bean - Cobourg's Coffee House

Plenty of new droll songs on tap: "wry on bread"  "Spam-a-loaf Follies" "Ipse Dixit"

2 early for you? Never mind ... Harper is the special guest for the last set FAIRLANE, the Sterling Boys, at the Queens, Colbourne. From ??? until the beer runs out! Heavy barrelhouse blues at its rawist!

Saturday 30, July @ The Human Bean, Cobourg 8 to 10 PM ... Harper will try his best to bore the pants off you lot! Plan to miss this one ...there are some great reruns on TV that nite!

Friday 19, August @ The Human Bean, Cobourg, Ontario .... 8PM .... "Beyond the Blue Line" .... blues rules with new rules ...


Friday 9, September @ The Bean again

... featuring six new songs ...five of which are not yet written

October 8, Human Bean 8PM ...Harper & Son special ...blues, jazz and more original stuff!

Friday, November 4,

Human Bean, Cobourg ...  8PM Harper presents  "General Disillusionment & other war heroes" ...well why not?



HONG KONG - western new years eve/day ... playing with the Christians on Mount Davis

Hong Kong - Chinese New Year, Mt. Davis: "Have Christians . . . will play"

San Francisco  March 8, 2004 - jam at the RED ROCK CAFE in downtown Mountain View, CA.

April 23 - Human Bean, Cobourg - 8 PM "Back from Eternity East"

MAY 7 - 8pm Human Bean, Cobourg - the anniversary party -Harper John and others will be doing their stuff at this big bash! 

Friday May 28 - Human Bean

8 - 10PM

"Electing the Elect"

- droll music for dull times

May 29 - all day long -  one man "apple blossom blues and jazz bash" at The Royal Rooster Bistro, Colborne's latest fine dining establishment located right on the square. WOW, check it out !!! Harper live for five brain-beating hours - 11AM - 4PM!!!

Saturday June 5  2-4PM . . . .

Live on King St W, Cobourg - Harper is sprung into the "Spring on King" celebration - with part 2 of "ELECTING THE ELECT" - spoilitical satire set afire!!!

June 12, 2004    -   Saturday  @ The Human Bean, 80,King St. W, Cobourg . . . . . . . . Harper John strips the truth bare! Barren bone-hard blues for blue babies and brainers.

Canada Day (s) busking about at the Cobourg Harbor front - all day/each day!

July 24, 2004 - Live at The Human Bean, Cobourg 8PM The  "No Cover, no covers show"

Update: a new place nearby in Brighton has just opened AND...

Tava's Coffee House, Brighton, Ontario on Saturday July 31st from 7-9 , er, PM ... but Harper might pop in for an early morning coffee! 

AUG 14, 11AM - 3PM - Royal Rooster Bistro, Colborne, Ontario right on the village square. Four hours Harper!!

September 3 , 8 PM ... all originial blues & folk music @ The HUMAN BEAN, King ST. W, Cobourg 

Friday, September 10,                     8 PM ....................back @ The Human Bean with                     "Bean there - done it!"

Friday, September 17           8 PM ....................back again @ The Human Bean                 "With  or without  it"  

Saturday, September 25, 2 - 5 PM  @ Ginette's Bar & Resturant (in front of Scotty's Inn, Highway #2 East, Cobourg, ) THIS IS THE BIG ONE, the art show and sale :

" HIDDEN TREASURES            by JAX" 

come down @ 11 am and meet JAX in person while getting a dose of rare fluid Druid Dedma blues. 

Friday,  October 8 @ The Human Bean 8 - 10 PM  Harper John live and "Not wishing to offend, BUT...."

October 30. 2004  @ The Human Bean

8 PM "Spooky Blues" without lipsync!!!


Friday, November 12 , 8pm , Human Bean

"We should have hired Ashlee!"   -  Harper John launches his new live @ The Human Bean out-takes album "We should have hired Ashlee!" Rumour has it that he will flawlessly lipsync, guitarsync and harpsync all at the same time ... or else sink in the process!

Saturday December 4, On the wings of Harper ... Live @ The Human Bean 8pm ...last Ontario show for the season ...AND THE BEST!

DECEMBER 13 - Double Blow!!

Jamming with KLENZE

(The Tiawanese, French, Pakistani, Canadian BANDits) in San Jose , CA

then ...Late nite "Five strings on my finger" ...solo at The RED ROCK CAFE, Mountain View, CA


Saturday December 18, 9 pm Recycle Bin production: B.B.B Chinese Xmas in San Jose, CA "Better Red than Dedma"


Here's a link to my hero:
If you are lucky you'll connect with the vision!

More Tiny Feet and Painless Tattoos . . .

BIBLE CODE GOOD STUFF & Jose Rizal prophecies of the Philippines
Harper John ... Hockey Night in Canada Anthem Theme song 2008 ... ZAMBO MAN ... grandmother punk for Zamboni cherry boys
And "Shinny Shimmy" the (Darren Zacher) version is also entered in this competition. 

Rappertree by FRANCISM


Fishes swimming in oil crops are grown in radioactive soil Ive become the zombie that I am and you can call me Mr. Megatron man for eons and ages we work for the wages my fingers be doin the walkin on the yellow pages dont you just hate this my phones kinda busted the systems ancient and its rustier than rusted Im infected and can never be corrected although I was breastfed I can never be connected the world is cursed with methods so perverse watch the process of the universe in reverse I believe leaves grieve in the forestry tears of sap is a mishap of the industry shield my eyes from the smog-filled skies cover my ears so I cant hear the lies Im versatile I was born to be a man child in the urban jungle living in the wild im gonna survive


I come in peace extend my hand to the next man in sight No need to fight black & white red and brown unite All the peoples of the world we gotta make a stand

Because I cant understand why a man kills another man/

Where is the love and respect I stand corrected To be protected is a right of all and we expect that The safety of the young is the safety of us all  and if we kill em all then thats the beginning of our downfall/

 Apalled by the apathy of the administration Students demonstrate while somebodys on vacation Syndicates lurkin in the underground like a plague Clues are vague but its clearly gang related/

 Id like to see the day when  we can walk without fear Without having to hear gunshots ringing in your ear I pray someday that we can all be getting along Singin a song we can be singing all night long/


There wont be Peace on Earth Unless we live as one We look for peace all our lives For man, woman and child


We have a lot of wars goin on around the world But I have heard that wars can also be averred Failure to communicate with one another is the reason Not a lease on life but its a reason to be releasing /

Missiles lightin up the sky till it turns red Bombs blowin up on innocents in this blood shed Count the dead, theres too many lives hangin by a thread See the wounded on CNN bodies full of lead /

Feel the trauma, watch the camera catch the drama Baby and mama killed by the Terrorist bomber /

And Im a say this cuz this is what I have to say If it werent for greed, theyd all be still alive today I say why cant we all be pacified and civilized/

 Recognize the good in each and everyones life Just realize that there wont be peace on earth Until we learn to measure how much is a life worth/


 Upon wakin up do we say thank you to God? Why is our God different from your God? Isnt that odd? /

Or even when we try to cleanse our soul and take control We always end up playin out a role on a TV show I know/

 its kinda crazy but in a way makes sense That whoever was sent to save the world pays rent Repent and discover the essence of existence For instance, if life was a race can we go the distance?/

 And its just whoever says Come forth with Is he a prophet for profit or is he makin money off it? Alotta souls to save and alotta pockets burned Alotta money earned from the soul searchin that we yearn for/

 Therefore lemme suggest an amendment Wherefore wed have 11 commandments Thou Shalt not use thy Lords name to make money Theres a space in Hades for hypocrisy